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CamVision CEO Dr. MengMeng Wang congratulates this year’s Murray Edwards College graduates in virtual ceremony

Last week, Murray Edwards College (formerly New Hall) at the University of Cambridge held its first online graduation ceremony for students completing their studies this summer.

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Last week, Murray Edwards College (formerly New Hall) at the University of Cambridge held its first online graduation ceremony for students completing their studies this summer. As a graduate of the prestigious college, and having been elected to the New Hall Society Committee earlier this year, CamVision CEO Dr. MengMeng Wang was honoured to be asked to speak as part of the occasion, welcoming students into the lifelong camaraderie of the alumni society.

“Few of us have the ability to change history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.”
- Robert F. Kennedy

Speaking live at the occasion were college President - Dame Barbara Stocking, Senior Tutor - Dr Kate Peters and the Praelector. All three acknowledged both the surreal nature of this year’s virtual ceremony, as well as congratulating the students on what is an immense achievement at any time, but especially under the circumstances of the last six months during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The graduation ceremony was joined by students from locations all around the world, from the USA to Brazil, and of course the UK. It was a reflection of the community that also makes up the geographical spread of the New Hall Society itself. Dr. Wang spoke about the power and support that graduates can expect to find, both now and moving forward, from this global sisterhood. She said:

“Remember, as an alumna you are now a lifelong member of both this college and this society, our society has a network of 6,000 women around the world. So, wherever you end up, and whatever you end up doing, the society will always be available to you, so please stay connected with us, and don’t hesitate to seek for help and advice when you need it.”

Speaking about the world into which students are graduating this year, speakers referenced both the great opportunities and triumphs of our time, as well as the dramatic impact that the last six months have had and will no doubt continue to have. However, they reminded us all of the part we are all able to play in making a positive contribution to progress and change where needed. They spoke passionately about how women in particular have a gift and a strength when it comes to contributing positively to the world around us, especially when armed with the power of education.

Having graduated with her MEng degree exactly a decade ago, Dr. Wang’s experiences and connection with Murray Edwards College remain a strong and empowering source of support and inspiration, both to her as an individual and to the company she runs today, developing international networks and partnerships in the education technology and innovation sectors. She said:

“For me the society and college have remained a huge part in my life even today - With the society I have been able to take advantage of so many things that continue to make me feel like part of the college community in such a lovely way - from formal dinners with friends and colleagues, to some of the amazing talks and seminars I have been able to attend, where it has always inspired me to see the success achieved by the amazing women of Murray Edwards.�”

Congratulations to all the university’s students graduating this summer, it really is an achievement beyond expectation.

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