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CamVision helps students following UK exam results crisis

CamVision has been working with students to help them organise their university places this September, following the A-level scandal which began last week.

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CamVision has been working with students to help them organise their university places this September, following the A-level scandal which began last week, as many students planning to start university this autumn were horrified to receive results far lower than their expected grades.

What’s happened?

The problem has occurred after a computer algorithm by the exam regulator Ofqual substantially downgraded many predicted grades from those that students were expected to receive - had they been able to sit exams, all of which were cancelled due to Covid-19. Some dropped from As and Bs to Ds and even Us- quoted The Sunday Times.

As a result, scores of students have lost university places, especially at Russell Group institutions and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. At CamVision, we have been supporting students to make plans while the scandal plays out and preparing our response in advance of GCSE results, scheduled to be released later this week.

Having watched the rapidly changing situation with great interest as well as concern, we have been taking a two-pronged approach, both proactively helping students to find a definitive path forwards where possible, as well as being ready to act quickly as things change. It is still very unclear where the goalposts are for students, and to where these are going to be moved in the coming days. This has been extremely unnerving for students who have worked extremely hard during an unusually trying year.

Securing a university place and appealing your results

Where possible, we are seeking to provide a sense of security for students as well as clear answers as and when we are able. As a result, since 13th August we have already helped several students to navigate the clearing process and find university places for September.

For instance, one of our Chinese students came to us with offers from UCL and the University of Manchester to study Mathematics conditional on grades A*, A, A, which she was predicted to receive from her independent boarding school in the UK. She then unexpectedly received grades of A*, A, D, meaning she missed her offers and entered into clearing.

The team at CamVision quickly helped her to secure an offer at the University of Birmingham, another highly-ranked Russell Group university, providing her with some security in this incredibly difficult and rapidly changing situation. Understandably, she still wants to appeal her grade with a view to going to her first choice university. However, it seems likely that she will have to wait until 7th September to get any appeal result - and her offer from Birmingham is time limited. We are continuing to support her both in her decision making process and to get more information for her as quickly as possible.

What to do if you have received your A-level or GCSE results

For all students this is a particularly challenging time, and for those who are looking to enter or re-enter the UK education system from East Asia, it’s a particularly anxiety-causing end to an already disconcerting academic year.

Our service at CamVision has always been about supporting students through the different stages of school and university, and in particular navigating the entry systems. That is exactly what we are here to do now: we are constantly monitoring and updating our processes to make sure we give students the best and most up-to-date advice, and we are working closely with both individuals and universities to find the best solutions for all.

If you would like to speak to our consultancy team to help you or your child following A-level results or upcoming GCSE results, please feel free to contact us any time.

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