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Even universities don’t get it right all the time

This year it’s all the more important to offer support networks to students, tutors and to universities themselves.

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Continuing the strange and difficult theme of the year, we all know that students returning to university this autumn are facing a more testing experience than usual. In this particular regard, we’re all learning as we go, and even the universities don’t get it right all the time. That is why it’s all the more important to be able to offer support networks wherever we can and to all involved, from students to tutors and to the universities themselves.

Practical considerations for overseas students

One of the things that’s causing a particular sense of anxiety for students this year is the ongoing threat of local lockdowns, and what that means for their education. For example, in September a public health decision was taken by Manchester City Council together with Manchester Metropolitan University and Public Health England to implement a local lockdown for student accommodation at the Birley campus and Cambridge Halls.

Part of the issue, of course, is that Government guidance is changing relatively regularly, with updates to protocols being put in place as the situation changes. It has led to different interpretations of rules and at times seemingly reactive communications, which can leave students feeling as though they’re living under a level of threat that makes it difficult to learn effectively and to know what to plan - especially if they are studying in the UK from abroad.

For example, Trinity College Cambridge was accused of taking punitive measures in the middle of September, after telling students they could be abruptly removed from their accommodation in the event of a coronavirus outbreak. This level of uncertainty can only have added to the anxieties of students across the board - creating an environment that is far from ideal for cultivating mentally healthy, happy students.

Consultancy solutions

The reality is that we all know and understand that the circumstances are impossibly difficult for all parties to know how to navigate at the moment, which is why support is more important than ever. At CamVision our consultancy and tuition services are here to support students in all areas of their education including logistical and pastoral support. Meanwhile, our education solutions also provide technological solutions for delivering curricula meaningfully and remotely as well.

If you are a student or university and would like guidance on practical issues from housing to education support as a result of a local lockdown or for any other reason, contact our team and we will endeavour to provide the right support for you.

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