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How additional learning can improve your outcomes at school and university

We are used to tuition for students who are finding a topic tricky, but what about additional learning that’s also about enhancing learning for better long term outcomes from education as well as greater enjoyment of the learning process?

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Additional tuition for school and university students, is not a new idea. We are used to the concept of students who are finding one particular topic tricky looking for extra support outside school hours. However, what about additional learning that’s not just about supporting students who are struggling but those who wish to enhance their learning for better long term outcomes from education as well as greater enjoyment of the learning process?

"I learn a lot of things on Ketang. For example: I know many things about nouns! I know what an abstract noun is, and what a common noun is. I feel happy when I learn English. I think that talking with foreign teachers is the most interesting thing about my classes - I'd never spoken to a foreigner before Ketang. At first, I couldn't even talk because I was too nervous. But now, I enjoy talking with my teachers, it is so interesting! I love it!” - Lide, Ketang Student

A holistic approach for long term benefits

The holistic approach that CamVision Education takes, is predicated on delivering exactly that. We want students to have experiences that don’t just help them to achieve the best grades for them in the classroom, but that also allow them to enjoy what they learn and feel confident in using those skills in real life contexts. Both online and offline, at secondary school, university, and in the workplace, we provide a space that encourages practical implementation of skills, as well as the ability to assimilate and communicate with different cultures, with a view to giving students the tools to live and work successfully alongside their peers, whether in the UK or China, online or in person.


“Ketang taught me a lot, for example, it made me become more confident when talking with foreign friends. Thanks to Ketang for giving me this opportunity to master English!” - Jack


An education to help build an exciting future


The benefits of this range from the immediately measurable to the less tangible. For example, it shows most quickly in a student’s academic results, communication skills and achieving access to the next stage of education - such as their choice of school or university. On a less tangible note, our style of tuition is designed to improve students’ confidence, their social and cultural understanding and integration, empower them to have autonomy in their educational choices, and ultimately become proactive contributors to positive and innovative working environments so they can get the most out of their careers.


"I am Sally, a Chinese middle school student. I like laughing and talking, but sometimes I found that I could not talk about something naturally in English because I didn't know how to express my opinion - until I started to learn English on Ketang. It has changed me a lot. Now I am more confident and can speak English more fluently. The lessons are always positive, and teachers are still helping me improve my pronunciation and enlarge my vocabulary in such a caring atmosphere!”� - Sally


At CamVision our goal is not to provide tuition services that are a simple replica of what students get from traditional educational institutions, but to enhance that experience and take it to the next level. We work alongside schools, universities and businesses to provide additional support where students need it, but also to add another dimension to the syllabus. Often our services are integrated into schools (such as our SMART curriculum) or help to build connections between students in the UK and China. It is tuition inspired by passion and innovation, that aims to cultivate those characteristics in our students as well.



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