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Opportunities to keep learning with executive level training

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“Those who keep learning will keep rising in life”

- American investor and vice chairman of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate, Charlie Munger.

One of the things that separates the way we work at CamVision is that we take a holistic view to learning, which incorporates a synergy between business and education. We see the need for educational processes that encourage ongoing innovation and possibility, which also means looking for ways in which we can support forward-thinking and innovative businesses as well. We do this in a number of ways - consultancy, investment, networking opportunities, supporting the introduction and education of the next generation of talent, and also providing executive level training opportunities.

Across all our educational levels we offer options for both onsite courses and workshops, online courses and bespoke programmes tailored for individual organisations. This allows for a spectrum of pathways in which universities and companies can make sure individuals are getting what they need to get the most out of their careers as well as give the most possible to their jobs or studies as well. These courses can also be tailored to education providers supporting students in business studies at higher education in order to further enhance their professional skill set.

While consultancy and services including our remote work placements are already in place, new services for this sector will be ready for market later this year. For example:

Executive Development Programmes

Tailored for Chinese business schools supporting students on working with the UK market, and lasting an average of 10 days, our Executive Development Programmes are based on finance, accounting, technology innovation or a combination of those areas.

Programmes combine a range of seminars delivered by esteemed speakers and lecturers. There are also workshops designed and run by select industry experts along with support staff to ensure individual students are supported.

The programme will include a company visit to a relevant organisation in order to gain a thorough understanding of the implementation of the skills that are being learned and developed on the course with the support of our partners at Insider London.

Due to the often international nature of many of these programmes, we are able to provide transport, accommodation and tour guides through our partners at UK Guardians and include activities such as sightseeing, cultural experiences, and formal dinner at an Oxbridge college.

Bespoke onsite courses and workshops

Available in both China and the UK, our bespoke onsite courses and workshops are most popular amongst university clients, especially universities that offer MBA and EMBA programmes. However, they can also be tailored for companies who require in-house training on specific topic areas.

Designed to meet the individual needs of the organisation, the length of these courses can vary but are often one or two day short courses. Topics again include finance, accounting, technology innovation or combination of those areas. With our extensive network across the UK educational and business sectors, CamVision can arrange speakers from top British universities, businesses, and financial institutions to deliver top-notch lectures, seminars, and workshops on any topic. What’s more, with our partners at Insider London, we offer our clients the chance to pay personal visits to the offices of leading companies - be it Metro Bank, Revolut, the London Stock Exchange or even LEGO.

Bespoke online courses

Bespoke online courses are one of the key areas of innovation at CamVision, providing online education that exceeds expectation and offers a nurturing and supportive online classroom for optimal results. At the moment we are in the process of completing plans for bespoke executive level online training courses. For example, we have a five-week course on how to prepare yourself an investment banking career, which we intend to launch later in the year.

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